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Dr. Tsz Chiu Jacky LEUNG

Safety Profession, Engineering and Construction Industry

To deal with the challenges in the career and further enhance my academic qualification, I joined the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business program at Honolulu University (HU) in early 2009. To be honest, my decision to join the HU Ph.D. program was proven to be even better than I expected.

During my Ph.D. study, I found that the HU Ph.D. program was highly distinguished. In general, the course structure, subject matter, and materials of the program were very contemporary, covering a lot of critical issues. More specifically, the scholarly papers, examinations, and dissertation that I completed on-line were both interesting and challenging. The accompanying materials and reference books provided me a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. Moreover, I was impressed with the timeliness of responses to all my questions, either through the phone conversation or e-mails, by the staff members.

Actually, it was not easy for me to juggle a full-time job and to study at the same time, but the HU Ph.D. program had helped me find the right balance. In addition to the professional growth, I have experienced amazing personal rewards. I am very proud to have earned a Ph.D. degree and to have made so many friends from the program. Most importantly, my family is very supportive and is proud of me for getting the doctoral degree.

Ba Tak Peter Abraham CHAN

Chief Officer (Administraton), HKSAR Government Correctional Services Department
HU PhD Candidate

Studying a doctoral degree while having a full-time job is not easy at all. It requires a high level of effort, dedication, persistence and self-discipline. The program is challenging, but it's worth the time and effort! The business and management, as well as the critical thinking skills I gained from the program so far, are very valuable tools in my daily job as a Senior Officer in my working place. My confidence, professional abilities and credibility have already been further solidified even though I am still on the way to this “final designation”.

I am very impressed about HU's online courses. HU allows me earning the highest level of an academic qualification without giving up my personal life. I thought I would have to sacrifice all my social life and family time for this “ultimate designation", yet on the contrary, I have made more friends and got more intimate and cohesive relationship with my family during the leisure. While studying in the program, I treasure very much to acquire with several professionals from different disciplines of the society; it does widen and enrich my exposure as well as knowledge and experience through our sharing and interaction. The skills and knowledge that I gained in the program also help me both in my job and voluntary work in the society. My family members are very supportive of my study – they are very proud of me in going for this doctoral challenge.

Selecting HU is a great decision. The program is of high quality and the support from the professors, and the staff is unbelievable. The professors are very approachable; they share a lot of their experience and show a lot of support for me. The personal satisfaction of the foreseeable doctoral qualification is incredible. I can perceive that the feeling of being a “Dr.” will be great to enjoy. I owe a lot of thanks to HU and its staff.

Kai Hong Joseph LUI

Teacher, Kwun Tong Vocational Training Center
HU PhD Candidate

Towards the end of my second postgraduate degree with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, I realized I enjoyed the freedom provided by academia and decided to further my study for a Ph.D. One of the best things about this doctoral degree is the breadth of expertise across various disciplines as a whole, covering subjects such as personnel, marketing, finance, and management. In my opinion, this is of paramount importance for Ph.D. students, who need to conceptualize different subject areas more than just focusing on the specific interest of their doctoral thesis.

I was impressed by the academic atmosphere in the sharings with classmates. Doctoral students with different business backgrounds were able to reflect their experiences during group discussions. To me, this was exactly what I was there for: to share my business and academic world with the others.

Before writing the doctoral thesis, we were required to complete a few core courses. Out of these courses, I found that “Research Methodology” was the most laborious, but definitely, it was a “both technical and rewarding” experience, allowing us to share and criticize our tentative research proposals among classmates.

I was fortunate to have a responsible thesis supervisor as he was an active researcher and a prominent leader in his area of research interest. Sometimes, I was confused as to where my supervisor was taking me with his ideas, especially when my draft copies were returned with the flood of red pen marks. He was able to sense the hidden potentials of simple ideas. His views had undoubtedly resulted in significant contributions to my doctoral thesis.

Notoriously, earning a Ph.D. degree means reaching the highest academic achievement in one's life time. I am confident to say that with the help from the faculty members, I will soon finish this challenging doctoral journey.

Yuk Yi Noel CHAN

Operation Manager, International Travel Retail Industry
HU PhD Candidate

Knowledge transforms how we live, how we lead and how we interact with others, therefore knowledge acts as a power to come with greater responsibilities and growth. Studying Honolulu University PhD program gives me the flexibility and practicality I want; the schedule is totally managed by myself. I am also proud of my classmates. They are great to share lot of things: their personal lives and professional experiences. I enjoy the sharings very much, especially after a whole day harsh work.

In my study, I come across topics such as personal management and institutional finance. I learned how to make a decision with proper analysis of the different economic conditions, making me being able to manage a company better to cope with the ever-changing environment and international standard. I highly recommend this doctoral program to those who also want to strive for success - both for career achievements and for enhancement of personal status.

Yan Yan Cindy WONG

Finance Manager, Wangfoong Transportation Ltd
HU PhD Candidate

As I am stepping towards the end of the program, I feel more and more enjoyable as I am approaching towards the set goal. The pleasure of learning is mainly due to the program structure that suits my situation, the gratification shared with classmates and, most importantly, the good role model of life-time studying demonstrated to my children.

The program does not only empower me to practically utilize knowledge-management-based skills leveraging my daily duties but also play the role as my confidence builder. Through the learning process, I was surprised the business network enhancement driven by the program was much further than my expectation.

The positive impact reflected to my kids was the bonus that kept me smiling inside out.

Hon Keung Victor WONG

General Manager, Team Master Holdings Ltd.
HU PhD Candidate

Years before, I wanted to study a course that would give me a good balance between the theoretical and the practical sides, and ultimately I chose the Ph.D. program provided by Honolulu University. The course helped to improve my thinking process a lot, especially in marketing and strategic formulation. I struggled for four years to handle the plunge as the commitment for the program took that long . Juggling among my private time, family life, work life and study time, it really requires strong self-discipline, determination, and good time management skill.

I treasure most from the professors and value much of my classmate.

Ka Yan Dorothy CHENG

Secretary, Banri Group

To cope with today's challenges, bachelor degree becomes the basic requirement in the business world. The HU BBA program is flexible and achievable in a way that I was not stressed out. I am very happy to complete the program within one year.

The study style of HU BBA program is suitable for Hong Kong people; the online learning platform allows me to complete my assignments anytime, anywhere, so that I can manage my job duties at the same time.

Cheuk Hung Paul TSANG

Assistant Credit Control Manager, On Time Express Ltd

I have over 10 years of experience in my current industry where I need to deal with many overseas companies and clients in my work. The HU BBA program helps me build my confidence. I enjoyed the learning experience and I shared a lot with my classmates. I did not expect all these before joining this program.

This program provides flexibility, and this is extremely important to anyone who is busy with job commitments. I am also very happy to earn the qualification within 10 months.

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