Established in 1987, Honolulu University (HU) was one of the first to recognize today’s volatile business environment and the importance of distance learning to busy working professionals. HU adopts an interactive, independent study model for delivering its quality education to students worldwide.

HU is a learner-centered institution which means that students and their needs always come first. It is committed to providing its students an effective study program designed to enhance their personal performance and competency to allow them to achieve their personal and professional goals; and, to ensure that its innovative, quality programs are relevant to the realities of the world today and students’ dreams and goals.

The University strives to expand educational opportunities for those who have the desire to continue their educational advancement. Unlike traditional universities, Honolulu University values different work and life experiences, believing these factors are among the constituent parts of a successful professional and personal life. In view of this, Honolulu University accepts credit transfer from experiential learning and work experience.

Over the years, Honolulu University has trained many students into managers and professionals; and, has received many praises and appreciations.

Knowledge is Power!


HU received many Congratulatory Letters on its 15th and 20th anniversary from Mayor of City, Governor of Honolulu, US Senator, Congressman, etc.. Below are some of the letters.

Neil Abercrombie

Former Governor of Hawaii

"Founded in 1987, Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities graduates have been able to build bridges of knowledge, friendship and diplomacy between Hawaii and citizens of our global community..."

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Jeremy Harris

Former Mayor of Honolulu

"Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities fills a critical educational need for mature, non-traditional students seeking a career change or advancement in their current jobs.....”

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Daniel Kahikina Akaka

U.S. Senator (1990-2013)

"HU meets the educational needs of her student body. It is exciting to know that HU is now focusing on developing on-line educational programs and all the flexibility that such programs will bring.....”

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