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Honolulu University

Bachelor of Arts in Health Science

Candidates with a 2-year diploma are required to take 10 courses including 7 core courses plus 3 elective courses from either the group of Health Education or Health Administration.


7 Core Courses:
- HSc 402 Environmental Health (3)
- HSc 404 Medical Care in the U.S. (3)
- Psy 428 Abnormal Psychology (3)
- HSc 430 Health Legislation and Government Programs (3)
- HSc 450 Epidemiology (3)
- HSc 452 Nutrition and Health (3)
- HSc 460 Family Health (3)

Elective Option 1: Health Education (select 3 elective courses)
- HSc 423 Biostatics (3)
- HSc 424 Health Behavior (3)
- HSc 428 Health Science for Children and Youth (3)
- HSc 431 Strategies for Health Decision (3)
- HSc 440 Community Health Action (3)
- HSc 445 School Community Health Problems (3)
- HSc 450 Epidemiology (3)

Elective Option 2: Health Administration (select 3 elective courses)
- HSc 410 Introduction to Health Administration (3)
- HSc 412 Theory of Health Administration (3)
- HSc 414 Organization and Function of Community Health Services (3)
- HSc 415 Medical Care Organization in the U.S. (3)
- HSc 418 Health Law (3)
- HSc 420 Health Information Systems (3)
- HSc 423 Biostatics (3)


To graduate, students must achieve a grade of D (1.0) or better for courses that counted toward the degree and maintain an average grade of C (grade point average of 2.0).

Grade point average system:
A = 4.0 ;B = 3.0;C = 2.0;D = 1.0


For admission to the program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • High school diploma or equivalent, or
  • Post-Secondary Certificate or Diploma, and
  • Satisfaction of the English Language requirement


All application must be submitted to Honolulu University (HK) Representative Office.
Each application package must contain:

  • A duly completed application form (Download PDF Application Form)
  • Copies of academic transcripts or records
  • Resume or proof of work experience
  • One passport-sized recent photo

Strength of HU Online Programs

  • HU's academic programs are highly recommended by U.S. government representatives including Governor, Mayor, Congressman, etc

  • HU is the member of AAHEA that is believed to be one of the most recognized and respected non-governmental accreditation available internationally. (www.aahea.org)

  • HU is the member of USDLA that recognizes best practices and standards of excellence in distance learning. (http://www.usdla.org)

  • HU is the member of GUIDE Association to promote an equal, supportive and sustainable knowledge through distance education. (www.guideassociation.org)

  • Students come from large corporations.

  • One of the best-value U.S. online programs in Asia

  • The credential is the same as the one offered in U.S.

  • Flexible Study Mode , No Stressful Examinations, Affordable Program Fee!

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The course is a purely distance learning course and is therefore not subject to the registration requirement. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.
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